About Me

Nate Henry is a cinematographer and director studying Film and Visual Studies at George Mason University. It’s there, where he is a recipient of the Film at Mason Scholarship for his commitment to excellence in filmmaking. In his time at Mason, he has shot and directed dozens of films, many of which that have gone on to have festival success around the globe. Some of his most notable festival wins were at the Urban Action Showcase, Magic of Horror Festival, Under Five Minute Festival, and James River Short Film Showcase. Outside of narrative film, he has also been the cinematographer for Mason’s Green Machine Pep Band Media Day and a commercial for the nonprofit organization, ALIVE! Food Inc. Additionally, Nate works for offices at George Mason University like University Life, New Student and Family Programs, and GMedia as a videographer and editor.

Artist Statement

In the summer of 2023, I had the pleasure of attending the Urban Action Showcase for the first time where my action-comedy film, “Dropped” played for the first time. It was the first time a theater, packed with strangers, was viewing one of my films. It turned out they loved it, and the laughs carried on well after the film was over. I finally knew what kind of filmmaker I wanted to be. In the films I direct I try to create combat that is sensational but also humorous. When people watch my films I hope that they are not only impressed, but that they are thoroughly engaged and entertained. I strive to take even the most mundane scenario, and introduce a heightened reality to it that we can all laugh at and relate to.

In my time creating action films, I have had the privilege of honing my skills as a director, but also as a cinematographer too. I take pride in my technical knowledge of image creation and try to apply that to a director’s vision. There is no genre or style that I feel is out of range for me as a cinematographer. Every new project is a new challenge, but through close collaboration and deep discussions with directors about their vision, anything can be made into a reality.

No matter the type of work I create, there is always a desire to create something better and more polished than the last. Filmmaking is a career in which you are learning and being creative every step of the way, and I embrace that. Every time I step on set I am focused on creating the most captivating image and story that I possibly can. At the end of the day, most people watch films and television to be entertained, and I am an entertainer at heart.